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Reference No / Rhif CyfeirnodB/D/RW/13
Title / TeitlSale particulars of the Buckland Estate, ps. Llansantffraed, Llanfihangel-Cwmdu, Cathedine, Llanfigan and Llandetty. Photograph of exterior and photographs of interior of Buckland Hall
Lot 1: Buckland and grounds
Lot 2: Gwernyberllan Home Farm
Lot 3: Llansantffraed Lodge
Lot 4: Llanvellta [Llanfellte] Farm, Bwlch
Lot 5: Cilwich House and Home Farm
Lot 6: Cilwich Lodge
Lot 9: The Farmers' Arms, Bwlch
Lot 10: Orchard Cottages (2), Bwlch
Lot 11: Steps Cottage, Bwlch
Lot 12: The Estate Saw Mill, Bwlch
Lot 13: Tollgate Cottage, Bwlch
Lot 16: The Estate Workshops, Bwlch
Lot 17: Bwlch Post Office and Lion Cottage
Lot 18: Penyparc Cottages
Lot 23: Cathedine Hill, Bwlch
Lot 25: Llansantffraed House with Cottage
Lot 27: Talybryn-Uchaf Farm, p. Llansantffraed
Lot 29: Newton Farm, p. Llansantffraed
Lot 31-33: Gilestone Cottages, Talybont
Lot 34: The Talybont Alms Houses (4)
Lot 35: Ashford House, Talybont, and Cottage
Lot 37: Maesmawr Farm, Talybont
Lot 38: Petrol station, Talybont
Lot 39: ground rent on The Usk Inn, Talybont
Lot 40: Wenallt-Uchaf Farm, Llanddetty
Lot 41: Wenallt-Isaf Farm, Llanddetty
Lot 42: Llanddetty Hall Farm
Lot 43: Llanddetty Cottage
Lot 44: Llanddetty Old Rectory
Lot 45: Manorial rights of Pencelli Castle, Wenallt, English Pencelli, Scethrog, Pencelli-Cwmorgan, Gilestone, Welsh Pencelli, Pencelli Glyncollwyn
2 plans
Date / Dyddiad28 Jun 1935
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